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Online School Payments


Way2Pay is a lost cost income collection tool which enables parents to pay online for all school payments.


Way2Pay allows parents to pay for school bills via debit, credit or manual payments. Way2Pay is easy to use, easy to implement and will increase revenue into your school from the moment your first school bill is sent to parents.

Way2Pay is a smart, intuitive system that has been designed by schools and parents for use in Irish and UK schools. Our revolutionary ‘One Click to Pay’ system ensures you get the best parent engagement from your online payments platform.

  • One click’ to pay App system allows parents to pay quickly and easily
  • Reduce administration time and improve efficiency
  • Help manage and reduce parent debt
  • Ensure money is spent as intended
  • Increase school meals income
  • One system to manage all school accounts

UK & Irish Schools prefer Way2Pay:

  • Way2Pay’s innovative ‘one click to pay’ system increases school revenue
  • ‘One click to pay’ Email and Texts to parents ensure more gets paid, in a shorter time frame
  • Quick system implementation
  • Easy for schools and parents to use
  • Simple boarding and set up process
  • Administration and Accounting time is reduced
  • Excellent Reconciliation and Audit Tool
  • All balances can be viewed in real time
  • Exceptional Customer Care and support for schools and parents
  • Training is straight forward